Shows 2020

On? Why On? Come one. Switch on. Three years of study. A lot has gone on. It’s been hands on. We’ve shed some light on. You’ve been quick to catch on. What are they on about? On paper. On screen. Off on tangents. So many ‘ons’. 

On the right track now. It’s coming on. On purpose. Bang on. On a roll. Firing on all cylinders and on a mission. But hang on. Have you tried switching it off and back on? The show must go on. Jog on. On the other hand. Let’s reflect on. 

So bring it on. Don’t put it on hold. What’s on the horizon? Whatever you embark on, maybe it’ll catch on. Go on then. You’ll be gone, but we’ll be looking on, keeping an eye on. Never give up on. Keep on keeping on. 

You’re all ready to shine…